"Grow Your Business With My 21 Day Challenge Funnel"
Completely Done-For-You...Just Edit, Plug & Play!
What Do You Get With Our 21 Day Done-For-You Funnel? 
The 21 Day Challenge Funnel
($1000 Value)
With this funnel you will be getting everything you need to run a low barrier offer (LBO) right away. 

All of the copy is written for you and proven to convert!

All you have to do is put your gyms name, upload your video and add in images and you can start getting new clients!

This funnel alone has made me thousands of dollars and new clients and you'll be able to use it now for your Box! :) 
BONUS: Done-For-You Emails 
($700 Value)
In addition to the done-for you funnel, I'll also be including all of my autoresponders for the 21 day challenge. 

Just imagine how much time you'll save by not having to write all of the emails AND not having to wonder if the emails will work. 

These autoresponders are time test and proven to help convert those on the LBO to a full time paying member. 

This bonus alone is priceless! 
BONUS: FB Ad Example
($1000 Value)
A funnel is only good when people are seeing the sales page right? 

That's why having a Facebook ad that works is so important. 

Sure you could come up with your own images and copy ideas, but I really want to help you succeed which is why I am giving you a sample ad and targeting that I've used to sell a ton of 21 day LBO's. 

I charge $1000/month to run ads for someone but I'm giving these ads to you for free!

($100 Value)
In addition to everything that you are getting with this done-for you funnel, I've also decided to throw in the video script so you can use my exact wording in your video. 

This bonus alone will save you a ton of time as you'll know exactly what to say. 

With a total value of $2800 I could easily charge $997 for this done-for-you funnel...
However I'm not going to.

I want you to really succeed and get more clients and leads into your Box so you can have the same type of success that I've had. 

That's why for a limited time today, I'm going to be offering my 21 Day Funnel PLUS all of the bonuses...for only $297. 
Ready To Get More Clients? Grab My Entire Funnel And Bonuses For A Limited Time For Only...
Just think...in just a few hours from now you can start to run your Facebook ads for this offer or email out to your list of prospects. 

And when you sign up 6 people on this LBO...it pays for itself. 

Heck...if you sign up 1 person and they join on a membership...it pays for itself :) 

Just think how much time, effort and frustration you'll save with this done-for-you funnel. 

Sure you could build your own funnel...but then you'd have to create the emails, the facebook ads and the video script. 

But with this Box Funnel...you get all of those things for only $297! 

Ready To Get More Clients? Grab My Entire Funnel And Bonuses For A Limited Time For Only...
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